Thursday, June 18, 2015


Tears are usually a sign of frustration & disappointment, but NOT defeat!

As I was pondering back, 
I'd realized I'm not as strong in controlling my emotions as i could once upon a time.
But can i be blamed? Life has not been kind to me for the past few years.
But thank God for the silver linings & the skies are seeming to be clearing up ^_^

Anyways, tough circumstances over the years and months are the reason for me to become who I am today.
Nowadays, it is so easy for me to tear, cry & what not much more than i could do before.

I once had the attitude of keeping all my emotions intact & not show it to people around me to an extend that i had kept all my misery to myself. 
That did not make me feel good neither did it made me any better.
All i became was bitter.

I guess i realize now that it is okay to cry.
It is okay to be seen vulnerable once in awhile.
Because, at the end of the day, crying releases me off my frustration but that does not mean I had given up. 
It just means that I've vented out and I am up and ready for round#2!

Remember: just because one cries, that does not make them emotionally weak. But rather it can be a tool that helps you to become stronger and face much more of the challenging task that awaits!
Crying or venting CAN make you stronger, NOT weaker! 

I am not ashamed to announce that I am a crier and I like warm hugs for pleasure & comfort :P

Hug Lover, 
~Mellissa Lina Mosses~

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