Sunday, March 20, 2011

Its Sunday Again... =D

Yup! its Sunday again
& am very excited to see what God is going to do in our church today!
Every week, when Sunday comes... I just feel so happy...
to go in His presence where everyone comes, JUST TO SEEK HIS FACE! Where GOD IS THE ONLY KING!!
God is moving in our Church... And how much i long to be in part of His move!!

today is a special Sunday...
haha... for the very first time, my Music Team will ALL be joining forces in prayer too before we start our service!
If God had been moving b4, imagine how much it will be from now on when more people pray...
 haha... well, I'm all geared up! & Waiting!

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Psalm

O lord, My God
I thank Thee for giving Thy servant the privilege to call You Abba Father
I thank Thee for Thy Faithfulness & for Thy patience towards me & my unfaithful actions
Sometimes, Thy servant think that it's just best if You just punish me!

But nevertheless, i speak the truth in saying, "i will be terrified if Your wrath really do fall upon me."
i'm very afraid to see You being angry at ME!
Being in a position where Your wrath falls upon me, is the most scariest scenario that can ever happen to me!
Seeing You or imagining You being angry towards me, don't think my heart can take it God.

You are one person whom i've really imagine who really loves me no matter what!
so if i don't get that love from You, Im nothing Lord. I'll feel empty! I'll feel Lost! i am worthless without You!

No matter what, as the day begins and ends
as i grow from young to old
till i turn from bad to good
from who i am now till i become who you want me to be

Please don't give up on me
Please don't let go of my hand
Please don't pass me by

The Israelites wonder in the wilderness for 40 years as Your wrath falled on them
But lord I'm half way there! and i don't want to respond in the same way!
Don'r ask me why i 4get You in my busiest moments!
Forgive me that i seek You only when i need You!
Forgive me when i say i'll change, but keep falling back to my old ways!

But Lord, Never give up on me!
I'm on Your side!
Don;t reject me!
Don't ignore me!
I long to b in part of Your plans!

Don't let go of my hands!
Don't let go even if i did let go!
Please Hold me tight!
I need You by my side
If You go against me!
I'm dead!
I'm worst than dead!
if You let me go, the enemy will surround me, break me to pieces and crush me!

You are my strength Lord
in my weakest moment, show that You are the strongest
Prove how great and mighty You are in a small person like me!

I can't remember how many times i've said that i'll surrender my life to You
But i somehow feel that i'm still holding on to it.!
Lord help me to completely let go!
to Run when You ask me to Run!
to Jump down the moment You ask to Jump!

Im just like a instrument lord!
if You don't take me and play me or tune me according to Your will,
i'm just gonna stay in one corner and collect dust!

I'm just like a sheep which is LOST!
If You don't come and look for me and carry me on Your shoulders back home,
I'll die waiting for You lord!
Im not gonna move anywhere till You ask me to move
I'll wait till You come and get me.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The secret of life

The secret of life, is letting go
The secret of love, is letting it show
In all that I do, in all that I say
Right here in this moment

The power of prayer, Is a humble cry
The power of change, Is in giving my life
And laying it down
Down at your feet
Right here in this moment
Take my heart
Take my soul

And all that is within me
Lift up to you and say
I am yours and yours alone

This journey of life, Is a searchful truth
This journey of faith, Is following you
Every step of the way, For the joy and the pain
Right here in this moment

Take my heart
Take my soul
I surrender everything to you alone

And all that is within me
Lift up to you and say
I am yours and yours alone