Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Being Still

As I sit down quietly to listen to your voice, The more I realize how much I've missed You

I'm probably the worst when it comes to expressing my love
But the best thing about You is that I don't have to try too hard

Even before a word comes out of my mouth, 
You know it completely oh Lord

And as I ponder back and see how far You've hath brought me,
All I want to say is a simple 'Thank You'

Thank you for being there ever since I could remember.
When the journey gets hard,
When it gets tough,
The only consistent person that I can see/feel by my side is You

Thank you for not being far from me
Thank you that You're always a person that I can rely on
And I Thank You for Your faithfulness towards me

It is without a doubt I will proclaim,
That all I am & all that I have become is because of You.

And although I am still a little afraid of what the future may bring forth
I'm still afraid of what I may have to face/overcome
I guess I'll continue doing what I do best; 
- To Rely on You - 

Wherever I need to go 
Whatever I still need to become, 
I Rely on You completely to continue to show me the way

All I want to do is to flow like the watercourse,
Wherever Thee leadeth. 

Yours Beloved,
~Mellissa Lina Mosses ~

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