Friday, November 22, 2013

I Want YOU...

Dear Papa,

Over the years,
YOU had brought me through thick & thin
& led me through rain & shine
& whomever i am today & how much You have molded me thus far is ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!

& so, I thank YOU for your Grace & Mercy
& i thank You for Your Favour & Love that Youhave always shined upon me...

I won't deny that i had my moments of up & down
I won't deny that, there were times that i was ever so Angry/Dissapointed with You.

But i realize now that I was plainly selfish!
I was so engrossed in  MY pains & MY struggles, till I have completely lost focus on YOU!
I'm sorry that i had my eyes so fixated on myself that i have totally ignored & negleted on how You would have felt about all these..........
I'm Sorry for the times when i have caused tears to flow out from Your precious eyes.

I Love You Lord!! You're the last person whom i will ever want to hurt......

I'm sorry for the times when my actions spoke differently than my words...
I'm sorry that i had ignored You
I''m sorry that i had cast You aside in the mist of my busy'ness

I want to come back to Your arms of safety Lord...
I do not want to do things on my own anymore...

Recently, the journey that I have undertaken seems rather lonely...
It's as if You are not in the picture right next to me~
I am through Lord...

I do not want that!
I want You back! to be by my side wherever i go or in whatever i do!
I want Your Guidance
I want Your Peace
I want Your  Joy
I want Your LOVE
I WANT YOU.............

Nothing should have taken Your place in my life Lord! NOTHING!!!
& I don't what it to be in that way anymore...


I want to start anew..
Renew my spirit & Stregthen me through ...

I want to come home running back to Your Warm & Open Arms...
back to the arms that i shouldn't have left in the first place!!!


Your Weary Daughter,
Mellissa Lina Mosses

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